Story Behind Innoseva

    As a part of Nepalese community living abroad, we have been worried about our family members back home in Nepal. We always want to be there when they need us; take care of their health and everyday welfare. Despite our best intensions and involvement, we are unable to overcome barriers such as

    • geographical distance
    • tendency of our family members in Nepal to not to go for regular checkup even if we ask them
    • right connections with health professionals and health institutions
    • efficient media for sharing health information

    We established Innoseva with motivation to solve these common problems faced by Nepalese living around the globe. In the process, we also aim to serve economy by providing employment opportunities to young professionals.

    Our Mission

    • Support Nepalese community living abroad to provide care to their family across thousands of miles in Nepal.
    • Increase health awareness in Nepalese society.
    • Continuously innovate to become a leader in health cares services in Nepal.
    • Stay committed to the highest quality of service, professionalism and performance in health-care .

    Team Innoseva

    Innoseva is a small group of Nepalese living in Japan. We are graduates of leading Japanese National Universities and have been working as IT professionals in leading global companies. We are striving to find our own ways to improve the welfare of people like ourselves living abroad, thereby serving our motherland and its people.

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