Personalized Medicare:Stay healthy and happy

Our professional and friendly health staffs will visit your doorsteps and provide regular health checks. You need not worry about:

  • Queuing-up at hospitals,
  • Losing OPD cards,
  • Travel to hospital in polluted environments,
  • Traffic jams, or
  • Even Nepal-Bandha.

Once your registration has been confirmed, we will contact your family members and:

  • We will fix appointment for home-visit checkups
  • Innoseva health staffs will visit your residence at the time of convenience, do the regular health checkups and collect the health data
  • Innoseva Health professionals will verify and diagnose the collected health data
  • Checkup details will be made available at Innoseva along with newly taken photo of your family member.

Innoseva tests have been tailor-made to cover common health concerns faced by people in Nepal.

The routine checkups will enable you to detect health risks well ahead of time and enable you to track the health of your family members in a very convenient manner.

Routine Health checks will include monthly Non-Laboratory Tests and half-yearly Laboratory Tests.

Non-Laboratory Test

Non-Laboratory test are monthly checkups and include following checks:


  • Height,
  • Weight,
  • Temperature,
  • BPM,
  • Blood Pressure,
  • Blood Sugar and
  • Eye check.


Laboratory Test

Laboratory test are half-yearly checkups and include following checks:



  • Cholesterol,
  • Urine,
  • Bilirubin and
  • Stool.


All the health plans are devised to handle the most common health problems such as blood sugar, blood pressure and heart related problems. Based on doctor's advice, the plans can be changed to suit individual needs. 

Innoseva health-care service will empower you to detect major illnesses before its too late. For details, please visit:

*Other tests may be included on individual's needs.
*Both (monthly and half-yearly) checkups will be conducted at your residence.

REMEMBER early detection is the key to more efficient, painless and cost effective cure

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