Digitized and easily accessible health data
With Innoseva "Caring across the miles" is not a dream anymore
Bringing you closer

Our health staff will be your own personal agent who will monitor the health of your family member regularly. Apart from that our staffs will also talk to your family member, take a photograph and report back to you. We will make sure that the distance between you and your family member will never become an issue. We aim extend your reach and bring you closer to your family.

Information at your fingertips

All the health information collected from regular checkups will be digitized and made available to you along with comments and photographs.
Below is the sample of health data that we will deliver to you. You will be able to view all the information online.

We protect your privacy and your data remain safe with us.

Based on the collected information our qualified medical doctor will provide a feedback and comments. The data will be viewable in easy to understand graphs, charts and texts as you seen above. In this way you will be able to not only view current report but easily compare against historical data as well. All the data will be accessible only to you however; we will provide you with a secure link to the data on request if you need a second opinion or want to share it with others.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within the company on a need to know basis will be able to view any information collected from individual clients. We constantly review our systems and data to ensure that your data remains protected.
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