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What is Innoseva ? Why Innoseva ?

  • Innoseva is a health-care service provided in Nepal via a group of professional staffs. Unlike just another data feeding smart gadget, our staffs regularly visit family/relatives living in Nepal, in person, to gather and record the health data.

  • Innoseva provides up-to-date and first hand health information of your family/relatives at your fingertips.

  • Innoseva visualizes and compares the health data to empower you to take timely actions. For example , if you want second opinion you can always share the medical data with any doctors around the world.

  • Innoseva provides regular health care at your family/relatives' doorsteps, even during "Nepal Bandha", freeing you from advanced booking, long queues and even crazy traffic and pollution.

  • Innoseva brings you closer to your family/relatives in Nepal and your family/relatives in Nepal closer to you.

  • Innoseva is affordable.

How does Innoseva work ?
Step (1)
- Get a Innoseva account by registering yourself via Innoseva site:
Step (2)
- Please add your family/relatives details such as address, contact phone no., map/directions if possible.
Step (3)
- Please enter your preferred mode of payment and details about payment/billing.
Step (4)

- Once your registration has been confirmed, we will contact your family/relatives and do the following :

- we will fix appointment for check-up/visit beforehand by phone

- our qualified health professional will visit, checkup and collect the data

- our qualified doctor will verify and diagnose the data collected

- checkup details will be posted to Innoseva site along with a newly taken photo
Please check the users manual for more details.
Innoseva Users Manual

How much does Innoseva cost ?
  • Monthly $14.99 for one person subscription

    Campaign period (July 2014 ~ October 2014) : $9.99 per person

  • ※ tax inclusive

How can I pay ?
Payment can be made via

  1. Credit Card - VISA, Mastercard, JCB
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Western Union Money Transfer
Please find more infomation on payment at
What Happens after each check-up?

All the health information collected from regular checkups will be digitized, along with qualified doctor`s analysis and productive suggestions.

During each visit our health staff will also collect information such as, current activities, comments, photographs (on consent). All such information will be uploaded and viewable online.

Once you have the digital data, Innoseva will enable

  1. to match your data with others from similar demography,
  2. to spot and take actions on any possible health risks well ahead of time,
  3. to get your life long health data at your fingertips

Who can use the service?
At present our service is only in Kathmandu and we are planning to expand all over Nepal and also to countries with similar needs in near future. To request for new service area please visit here:
OR contact us at our email address info at innosevahealth dot com
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